The Fun & Interesting Side of Kim

I have been described as a "creative and colorful" person but, personally I like to think of myself as zealous and fun. Why? For one, I love helping others achieve their dreams. Two, I color on both sides of the line. And Three, I don't see one shade of red, I see an array of red.


That is why it's not surprising that I chose marketing communications as my career path - its a mix of rich content, design, delivery, events and so much more.  MarCom is not a specialist it is a generalist - Much like a chameleon I have an innate ability to fit in with my surroundings but surprise the world with my ability to make change happen. It is what has allowed me to be successful at building brands in mechanical engineering, technology/SaaS, consumer products, health, and education. 


However, let's get back to me - Kim. The everyday person who loves color, design, and communicating. Oh, I also have a fascination for techy widgets, figuring out puzzles, to transforming spaces. From the design/decor of a room to developing a roadmap to project completion, and to growing social networks (the physical and digital)


I grew up in San Diego County, with two generous parents who worked hard to give me the best education, and experiences in life. I studied in California and Iowa which were an eye-opener to the demographic differences, perceptions, and styles per geographic location. What I thought was an "ordinary" life was actually an extraordinary one.  And that is what has helped me become the person I was born to be. Creative with words and visuals. A love for texture, images, and beauty. And an appetite for nature, color, and depth. 


Life is truly too short to not enjoy all the things it gives us.


I am a Capricorn Unicorn with a warm garnet heart. I live in Northern California with my husband and my artistic giraffe called "Steel". 

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