Here you will find a collection of examples of my work that I have developed and managed from content styles to campaign launch to brand building and industry events. The examples are to give you a glimpse of my capabilities and give you the opportunity to imagine what we can do together. 


Whether you're looking for ongoing senior-level help, someone on an as-needed basis or your next team partner I am here to help define new opportunities so you can achieve your goals. 








APANI Website Edits
Edits notes
Internal Website
Intranet - Sharepoint
SHC Website 2010-16
Website - 3 audiences 2010-2016
SHC Website
Satellite Healthcare - Home page - Geotargeted
Kidneys Do That website was created to be a social tool to an community audience
Launch for SPIN and SPIN MD - Mobile apps
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Brand & Collateral Design

Health Plan Brochure
Health Plan documents, websites, content needed to be coded and approved by CMS.
Messaging was created with care managers input.
Tri-fold / Full Color
Available in 5 languages
Patient Brochure
Brochure describing FREE classes offered to slow the progression of kidney disease.
Tri-fold / Full Color
Back side listed location(s) in the community it was displalyed
Patient Brochure
"Gentle Nights"
Brochure was created to aid patients interested in night-time dialysis.

Tri-fold / Full Color
Employee Satisfaction
HR recruiting pamphlet
Patient Mailer
State Mandated ICAHPS Surveys required notifying patients to expect it in mail or by phone. We created mailer, newsletter, posting to let patients know what to expect
Two-sided/full color
Available in English & Spanish
SPIN Mobile App
Marketing Campaign, Collateral, pitch box
Business Development
Flyers about the various business divisions
Collateral Design
Branded Book
Integrity manual. Spiral bound and tabbed
Employee Flyer
This flyer was to help payroll communicate changes to a new online payroll system. The flyer was mailed to employee homes, as well as a copy was put in the corporate newsletter.
2 sided - information on one side, instructions on other
Full Color
100lb Glossy Stock
New Hire Packet
Packet includes company history, values, & mission
Campaign Brochure
Content, Design, Program naming
Product Spec Sheet
Yokohama AVID H4/V4 brochure
Customer Tire Brochure
High Performance Tires
Popup Tent
Road show event Pop-up Tent
Branded WaterTower
For event
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Creative Content & Copywriting



Yok tradeshow
Both Layout
Yok product launch
Invitation to Tire Launch
Kidney Walk Shirt
Every year shirts were created for Nation-wide NKF walks
NKF Walk
12 Walks Nationwide- Employees/patients
Booth 09-12
SH Booth directed at physicians
Tradebooth Graphic
Used for Employee Recruitment 2013
Tradeshow Booth 2014/15
BD booth 10x20
Direct Mailers
Open House Direct mailers
revolutionizing ckd
Event pop-up 3x8ft 2015/16
HR Expanded Map
Used for Nursing Recruitment Event
Mobile Ad
Geotargeted Mobile ads for specific locations
Magazine Ad
Community based Ads
Trade Publication Ads
New logo and tagline launch 2009-14
SF Giants Employee Day
HR hosted lunch/game
MD Symposium
SH User Meeting - Monterey
SH Medical Director Dinner
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Employee Appreciation
Gala at Fairmont
Medical Meeting
Collateral for Event
SH Medical Meeting
Sonoma Mission Inn
Grand Opening
Opening of New Centers -
Employee Appreciation 2015
Surprise -Gratefulness Campaign - Gift
Billboard Hwy101
Directing traffic to new location
Launch logo items
Items used to launch new programs
Digital Ad
Ad placement in Community hospitals
Book launch
Launch of History of SHC
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