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Personal & Professional References

Kim is an absolute marvel when it comes to building and leading a diverse team in pursuit of business objectives. Not only does she deliver concrete results in the short term, but she is also continually strengthening the fabric of an organization to ensure the success of future initiatives."


- Michele Bertolone/ Bold Blue


Kim is a rare breed of great talent and excellent management. I have had the pleasure to work for Kim and during that time she was always available to help me in my role, either guiding me through the organizational issues or mentoring me in the aspects of marketing that were not within my level of expertise. I was particularly impressed by Kim’s ability to strategize communications and marketing in a company that had little marketing aspirations. Whether it was getting the senior staff on board or carrying out the details, Kim is skilled enough to do all of it, and it comes naturally to her.


- Tam Patane/ Graphic Design

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim on Satellite Healthcare’s strategic communications, both internal and external, over the past five years. Kim is able to effectively manage the nitty-gritty of a project while never losing sight of the big picture. She has an innate understanding of what’s at heart in any matter and can lead a team, ensuring consensus, to achieve the desired results. I wholeheartedly endorse her and wish her success in her new venture"

- Nick Gaffney, Founder Zumado Public Relations

"Kim has always been the first point of contact when doing business, as her prompt and knowledgeable attention was second to none at Yokohama Tires USA. Her positive and energetic attitude toward any task and quick and dedicated attention to matters were a joy to anyone doing business."

- Moto Miwa/ PR, Motorsports

"Kim is strategic in her thinking & a dedicated professional who takes tremendous pride in her work. With her strong business acumen & excellent communication skills, Kim would add value to any company that would have her on their team."   

- Ishrag Khababa/Satellite Healthcare

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