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Does Your Brand Have Purpose?

Branding historically didn't start with a cool name or become a popularity contest for whose product was the best and most followed. In fact, it had a purpose. According to Wikipedia, branding started with having livestock as a commodity. Used as a way to show ownership of their livestock to the commoner's and lords. Branding didn't focus on livestock as competitive marketing, it simple was created for the sole purpose of distinguish their livestock from another.
Today we still use the term "brand" as our way to differentiate us from our competitors (others). We do this through product differentials (features, benefits), number of loyalty following (who likes our product) and usage guidelines (permissions). However, somewhere in the fast past world, we missed something - their purpose. Isn't that the whole reason they exists? Most brands have forgotten the human aspect of the brand... How they truly are helping make the world a better place.
So the question:
Do we think it is possible to make a brand known for how it is improving the world first and still getting the product it's proper accolades?
I read the article attached and saw that Proctor and Gamble (P&G) gives us hope, that we can.
Their campaign around feminine hygiene didn't focus specifically on selling a branded product. Instead it focused on how they the P&G BRAND was making the world a better place by bringing attention to how females are seriously misunderstood. The #likeagirl campaign by P&G didn't have to sell why their brand was better then their competitor or that it had a huge loyalty following. It only needed to show the P&G Brand, as a brand that believes in making the world better place.
As marketers and brand managers we need to consciously make sure our brands have a purpose. It will be a the biggest difference between your brand and the competitor. Roisin Donnelly, brand director for Northern Europe at Procter and Gamble (P&G), said it best

“Marketer’s campaigns can be seen by millions of people. Your brands are a positive force for good – both for people and profit. But changing the world starts with your purpose.”


Brands should embraced opportunities to deliver memorable experiences that in turn make them a Brand with a purpose.

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